In business, we all want to create amazing offerings that continually attract great customers who love your work.

So how do make sure your offering is what your customer wants or needs, and how do you make your offering irresistible?

You need to have a clear understanding of your customer.

Simply by answering the following 10 things about your ideal customers, you will be ensuring that your product or service offering AND your marketing efforts are on-point.

1. Who is your ideal customer?
gender, age, family, status, job, personality, triggers, motivators

2. What do they do?
Job title, where they work, hours, role, goals…

3. Why do they buy?
Pleasure, experience, learning, investment, personal, business…

4. When do they buy?
Holidays, weekends, after hours, business hours, school hours…

5. How do they prefer to buy?
in-person, online, paypal, credit card, cash, phone, bank transfer, online store etc…

6. How much money do they have?
Annual salary, revenue, allocated budgets, amount of debt, fun money…

7. What makes them feel good about buying?
Values, education, collecting, validation, status, change…

8. What are their objections to buying?
Pain points
, issues, position, funds, time, resources, feelings, access, knowledge, end results…

9. What do they think about and expect of you?
Quality, authority, delivery, value, personal, professional, connection, time, availability…

10. What do they think about your competitors?
Quality, authority, delivery, value, personal, professional, connection, time, availability…

Use the answers to these 10 things about your ideal customer to create products and service offerings that your ideal customers are looking for.

This information can be used to implement strong marketing messages and engage more of the right customers using targeted marketing delivery.

These insights will also give you an idea of where you should be hanging out online, at what times, and how you should be delivering content in those spaces.

You can even use this information to write more useful blog posts!

Such great insight from just 10 little questions. Amazing, right?!

If you haven’t done this for your business yet, write the questions and answers down now and see how quickly your pitch, your marketing, your offerings and your business change because of it.