Did you know that Facebook Lives have been around for over 2 years and that over 2 billion people have watched some sort of Live video on Facebook? And that includes you!!

Facebook Lives have 3 times more engagement on the platform.

This means that whenever you go live – the people that like you or your page, will be sent a notification that they are live and to watch your video.

Your ultimate fans, are the ones that will join – and that is what you want!!

And now is the time to get started!

But where do you start?

With a PLAN!!

Here’s 28 Content Ideas For Your Live Videos

1. Set A Goal!

Ask yourself what goal you’re trying to achieve with the video, as well as if and how the broadcast will help you achieve it. If you can, try to choose an objective that’s more specific and results-driven than “social engagement” or “brand awareness.” Like, having them learn something or take some sort of action!

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Think about the most common questions that your customers or clients ask you. Have you written them down before? This is great topic for a live discussion.

3. How-To Videos

What have you learned about your business? What quick tips and tricks can you share? 3/5/7 ways to…[solution]. Think through different ways that you can educate your audience, as they may just turn into customers!

4. Live Stream Of Events

Whether you are leading your own event, attending an industry event or something that is completely out-with of your niche, there is no better live video to create than one featuring the energy and inspiration behind a live event.  People like to watch as they want to feel part of it. And there is a MASSIVE FOMO factor that emotes from them watching! Show who is around you, what you’re seeing, what you’re learning and of course, your biggest event takeaways.

5. Share Your Story Of How You Got Started

Tell your story of what you got started in your business and niche. What steps did you take? How long did it take? What did you need to do to get there? Was it challenging, easy? You may just reach those people that are wanting to start their own journey and my want you to help them get their!

6. A Giveaway

People LOVE a giveaway. People ALWAYS want something for free. And why not build some momentum with your content by building the engagement and sharing opportunities with a Free gift. Choose something that won’t take a lot of your time or energy to create or deliver. BUT will give a HUGE amount of value to your audience.

7. A Live Audit

Pick a client and do a breakdown of their business and setup. Well… you don’t need to do a real client, if that’s not your model, but you could do a competitor instead.

8. Talk About A New Strategy That You Are Implementing

Every business has to pivot and evolve to keep up with the new trends and with your client base. Talk about this with your customers. Are you testing out new content, branding, images, text, strategies, products, emails – whatever it is, your client base will learn from this. This is the value that you are giving them through your live content!

9. Host An ‘Ask Me Anything’ Live Session

First things, make sure to tell your audience through your content strategy and posts that you are doing an ‘ask me anything’ session. So that your audience is prepared for it in advance. Have some prepared questions before you start, and have them written down next to you, just incase it takes the audience some time to warm up. Some people wait for other questions to come in first!

10. Interview With A Guest Expert In Your Niche

Reach out to other businesses in your niche and ask them if they’d like to do a LIVE collaboration interview, almost like a live chat show on tv or a podcast episode. You can do this with the same person in the room, or using zoom, Facebook Live, there are lots of different tools to use. List out your questions in advance, and share them with the person that they are interviewing, not that they can prepare their answers word for word, but just to give them an outline of your general topic of questions. Remember that people want to keep it fun and lighthearted in these interviews. People like to laugh, so if you can help the interviewee by including some relaxing and humorous questions the better!

11. Product Releases/Unboxing

Are you releasing a new product and want to give a sneak preview to your trusted followers. This is a great way to build excitement and get some relevant and immediate feedback on your product or service for your launch!

12. A Day In The Life

This is one for your Instagram and Story feeds! People LOVE tapping through and watching the behind the scenes of businesses and other peoples lives. This is what makes it real and the whole aspect of ‘Social’ Media. Share your day as your going along either talking to the camera or showing what’s happening in the back ground.

13. Masterclass Sessions

Is there something that you only share to your top end clients that you can share in a live video. This can be a teaser into your high level product. You can use slides, share them on the screen while you speak. Use a white board, or flip chart. Share a brief outline of your high level product and watch the questions come in of people wanting to find out more!

14. Showcase Your Favourite Piece Of Content

Is there something that you’re super proud of? A piece of content that’s worked out really well for you? This could be online or offline content. Share it with your audience. They’ll love to see it and learn more about it. It could also encourage them to look through more of your previous content that you’ve shared and build that momentum of the algorithm and your organic reach!

15. Use A Poll

Facebook Lives offer you to create a poll when setting up your live. You can use this on your Live session to get immediate and relevant feedback. It can be something that can be a conversation starter, an interesting fact, thought provoking, insights etc.

16. Play A Game

This year on Facebook Watch, Confetti UK launched a live game that you could win a share of up to £5000 by answering 10 questions correctly. This brought MASSIVE increase in their engagement and following for their Page. Have a look at https://www.livereacting.com/FACEBOOK-LIVE-TRIVIA-GAME as an option to build the FUN Factor into your live content.

17. Do A Book Review

Have you been reading anything interesting at the moment? Anything that you can share with your audience that you know that they would love? Why not sign up as an Amazon Associate and encourage them to buy the book with your affiliate link in the description?

18. Hot Seat

Show what you do, the full journey, what’s the progress for bringing on your clients? Put a customer in the hot seat and ask them questions about their businesses. Can you ask the people that are on the live?

19. An Industry Tip

Is there a little known fact about your business that people wouldn’t know about?

20. An Over The Shoulder

Imagine that there was a camera over your shoulder throughout the day. What would it show? Now this doesn’t mean that you need to setup your camera to be over your shoulder LOL! What it could mean, is your setup. What does you workspace look like? How do you start your day?  What’s your on-boarding process look like? What things do you spend most of your day doing?

21. Behind The Scenes

Do you have a new project you’re working on? Filming a video for a new offer? Show your set up, what tasks you are doing and what YOU’RE seeing while working on this project.

22. Hijacking Content

What’s going on in the world out there? Is there something that resonates with you or with your business? Can you talk about it on a live and give your opinion?

23. Share A Piece Of Blog Content

Use a previous Blog article and speak about it on your Live. Encourage your audience to ask you questions about it and get more in depth details from you directly through the live chat. Share a link to the Blog article on your website in the description and ask them to read more about it from your website.

24. Tips & Tricks

What would be an amazing LEARN that you can share? Can you share it in 3 steps, 5 steps, 7 steps? Is there a solution that you have to the problems that they have?

25. Provide An Immediate Solution

Before you use this as a Live video strategy, list out all the problems that your customer or clients would have, and next to them, write out your solution. This can then be the basis of your Live, but choose one problem per Live and offer your unique solution to that problem.

26. Share Your Challenges

This goes back to the REAL aspect of people and their video content. Share what your challenges have been. Every person, every business, every human has challenges in their life, and use this as an opportunity to share what yours are – just keep it relevant to your unique solution, and remember to provide the answer to that solution if you found it!

27. What Motivates You?

What gets you up in the morning? Why do you do what you do? What is it that drives you to help people?

28. A Unique Offer

Give your audience the opportunity to get an offer from you, that they wouldn’t get anywhere else in your marketing. That they would only get as being a participant of you live video. Build momentum to this through the content that you put out on the build up to the live event. Make it EXCLUSIVE!

There you have it. Twenty-eight ideas of LIVE video content ideas to help your wheels to start turning. LIVE videos don’t always need to be the“Me Show”. They’re often a hugely valuable tool to help your audience see that you are likeable and trustworthy.

Now, go LIVE!!!!

If you’re wanting to take part in our LIVE Challenge – where you’ll be given a calendar of content ideas to go Live, practise your live sessions, join other business owners that are doing the same, get feedback and advice directly from the other participants…



I’ll see you in there!