Starting a business is always seen as a challenge. However with the online world, it’s easier to start a business with little to no startup costs, capital, and physical business locations, and see yourself making a profit quickly.

To make money online, you need to have an idea of what kind of online business you want, then create a plan and adapt. The best part, is all that you needs is an idea, a domain and hosting, along with some basic skills, and your ideas can become reality. Below is an outline of some different niche’s that you can explore before deciding which online business is right for you.

1.  Blogging

It’s really easy to start a blog. You can easily set one up with sites like Blogger and WordPress. All you need is a hosting and a domain. The challenging part is directing traffic to your blog. Now with Facebook ads and Twitter ads its become easier to get traffic to your site. You can warn cash using Adsense, banner advertisements and affiliates.

2. Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate is a person that makes a commission from the sales generated from referring other peoples products or services.

Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate programs in the world. You can add amazon banners to your blog and create an income from the sales generated there.

There are plenty of other sites that offer affiliate services. Your biggest challenge is generating your email list.

3. Sell on eBay/Amazon

You can create a niche and start to sell products in this niche. Buying products cheaply at the £1 store and selling them for a higher margin. It may take time to get started, but once you get a popular product, you really see the profits coming in.

Where the money is at, is buying really cheap items on eBay, and them selling them on Amazon for a higher rate. Do your research first. Choose your niche and find the products on both eBay and Amazon. Don’t know how to do it, do a google search for ‘setting up an eBay account’ and another search for ‘selling on Amazon’.

4. Start an ecommerce store.

You can get an ecommerce store quickly online. Sites like Wix and Squarespace provide the domain and hosting. Your profits will depend on your methods of marketing. You could use print media, PPC, Networking, Event sponsorship, SEO.

5. Coaching and mentoring

You may have a special skill set, playing music, social media, writing,  fitness, second or third languages. There are  hundreds of skills that can be taught online.

Sites like Firsttutors,, Yogatrail are a great start to offer your services. Simple Google searches allow you to find the sites that offer the services that you will coach in. Setup accounts with them, then watch the customers come to you.