This weeks app of the week Jooicer. Growth Hacking Tool For Twitter.

We all know how challenging it is to create a following on Twitter and to grow your audience. It can take months and even years for a small business to gain an organic following from the content that they share on social media. However to gain the respect of your ideal client, we want to have a substantial following on our social platforms to look like the ‘expert’ in our field.

Jooicer does this for you by automating the process of following and unfollowing people on Twitter to get more followers and grow your audience.

Their 5 day FREE trial (with no cc details required), lets you test it out and gain more followers without having to do any of the work yourself.

How does it work?

Jooicer lets you create your own strategy for growth using their pre built modules.

  • You get real followers that are interested in your company, product or content.
  • You can clean your account of old followers who stop following you.
  • More audience increases the visits to your landing pages and content.
  • It takes a couple of hours to see results and you can expect new followback results in your first day.
  • On average customers are gaining between 600 and 2000 followers monthly new followers, depending on settings, plan and target.

How to set it up?

Step 1:

Go to

Click on Start Your Free Trial

Step 2:

Add your Name, Email address and generate a Password, remember to click the checkbox agreeing to the T&C’s.

Step 3:

Verify your email address by clicking on the link from the email you will receive from Jooicer.

Click Add Your Twitter Account Now!

Step 4:

Add your Twitter handle, your twitter email address and phone number and the password for your twitter account.

Step 5:

Click Module Settings

Turn on the Target Followers switch

Step 6:

Add up to 5 Twitter Handles of other market leaders in your niche.

Click Save and Enable

How much does it cost?

Start with the 5 day FREE trail.


With the 5 day Free Trial of Jooicer. You can immediately start to grow your audience. You’ll start to receive more followers within hours of signing up. Take a note of your total followers everyday to track the progress of the results.