Create your own branded GIFs and stickers for Instagram using a Mac.

If you want to wow your Instagram followers, keep their eyes on your content longer, and increase your engagement rate, itโ€™s time to learn how to create branded GIFs for Instagram!

If photos are the heart of your Instagram strategy, GIFs can help give your content some soul.

Creating cute and catchy GIFs that endlessly loop entices your Instagram followers to stay on your content longer, which helps them digest your message before they continue to thumb swipe away.

In this session we’re going to create our own branded GIFs and stickers using a Mac, without having to spend a fortune on a developer or software!

What you will learn?

  • Why to use GIFs on Stories
  • What you need to do to become a brand or artist on GIPHY
  • Creating a GIF from a video
  • Creating a Sticker GIF with Keynote
  • Adding your GIFs to your Stories before being brand approved
  • Tools for creating your GIFs

What is the format of the workshop?

The session is online, and held via Zoom (details will be sent after registering).

It’s best download the Zoom app on your phone or computer for the session.

However, you can access from a link in your browser that will be sent after registering.

The password to join the session will be sent 15mins before the session start time (please check your email for this).

What do you need to bring along?

A notepad and pen is an essential.

An open mind to learn, communicate and grow is a must!

Note: Ticket holders only. As the tickets are limited and usually full – If you are unable to attend the event, please release your ticket for other attendees to come. Thanks. Your session can be rescheduled if required ๐Ÿ˜€

What happens after the session?

The recording of the live session will be available for 1 week. This means you can watch along and pause when creating your own GIFs.

And if you can’t attend live – you’ll get the recording access for 1 week ๐Ÿ˜€

How long is it?

1 hour 30 mins

Who is it for?

Small business owners, solo and entrepreneurs, business owners, social media marketers.