Really excited to share that Technology Coaching has been selected by Freeformers and Facebook deliver certified Digital Skills training in Scotland.

It’s part of the Learn with Facebook programme, which aims to deliver training to 75,000 citizens across six countries in Europe.

And we’re super excited to be part of it!

The programme specifically targets people between the ages of 18 and 30, supporting them to improve their existing or learn new skills to help them succeed professionally or personally (or both) in the digital economy.

The training will be delivered in the form of Face-to-Face workshops which are aimed at developing digital confidence, designed to be inclusive and localised.

The 4 hour workshops are made up of 3 x 70 minute sessions that are made of these 6 topics:

  1.  Social Marketing – Make the most of it for you, your career, community or business!
  2.  Innovation – come up with your next big idea and prototype it!
  3.  Web Presence – make the web work for you.
  4.  Cyber – tips to be safer online.
  5.  AI & Automation – how can AI and Automation influence my life and work?
  6.  Data – how to embed data-informed decision making into your life and work.

Facebook are looking for participants to feel invigorated, informed and up-skilled.

They are motivated to apply their new learnings in their personal and professional lives, and are aware of the impact of new and acquired knowledge on their employability.

They will feel inspired to carry on developing themselves to be part of the digital economy and community,


Be inspired to go online and LEARN MORE!!

Check out our Events page to find out when our next training is.

Or CONTACT US – if you would like to setup some training for your organisation or institution.