500 million people are watching videos on Facebook everyday

And 85% of those watching the videos are viewing them with the sound off!

In today’s global, social-media driven world, adding subtitles to your work is perhaps the most important step towards increasing your viewership. In fact, internal tests by Facebook show that captioned video ads increase viewing time by an average of 12%.

And that’s just Facebook!

These numbers are not to be taken lightly. Now, more than ever before, it’s important to make sure that you are getting your content in front of your audience on social media, and having the right type of content that they want to consume.

Here’s some apps to help you create captions for your social media posts.


Web based Caption Creation Tools



Kapwing has many many features, not just adding captions! Generating memes, Video montage, video collage, convert image to video, reverse video, trim video, rotate video, split video, add music, add test, add watermark, mute video and many many more!

It’s fast, it converts the video and adds the captions quickly. You can then go ahead and make changes to the captions. before exporting the video.

It’s inexpensive. to remove the Kapwing watermark it’s $6 per video.

Sooz Tip  –  This app has been a lifesaver for me when I’ve had a quick turnaround for adding captions to a clients 3 minute long video. We had 1 hour to get the video recorded, uploaded, captioned, edited and ready for posting. And for $6 this worked a treat!

rev logo


Rev is a site where you can get transcriptions, captions or foreign subtitles.

This site is the most popular used amongst the Digital Marketing world for video transcription.

The reason for this are multifold.

It’s cost effective, the turn around site is quick and the quality is not matched.


Transcription: $1 per minute (convert audio or text to video)

Captions: $1 per minute (Caption your video)

Foreign Subtitles: $3-7 per minute (Translate your videos with foreign subtitles)

Sooz Tip – If you have lots and lots of videos to get transcribed. Edit the individual videos, removing parts that you won’t be using. This reduces the need for time to be transcribed that is ‘dead time’ that you’re not going to use. Once you’ve edited your individual videos, add them together in 1 full video. As this will reduce your costs.

Temi logo


Temi is an Audio To Text Transcription Tool in 5 minutes. (And it really does only take 5 minutes!)

It’s an automated system that takes the speech in the video and transcribes it into text. The best thing about this it that the majority of the text transcribed is correct. It highlights in red any words that it wants you to check and you can do this at the same time as playing the audio or video and tracking the words at the same time. Simple!

It’s only ¢10 (cents) per 1 minute. Which makes it a REALLY cost effective way to get videos and audio transcribed!

Sooz Tip: You get your first transcription for free with Temi – so why not keep the record button going when doing your videos. Get it all transcribed – then do the editing afterwards! Also – ALWAYS check the transcription before you export. You never know where those simple mistakes are.

iOS Apps for Square Videos and Captioning

Clips Logo

Clips is a fun app for sharing videos with LIVE titles, effect, graphics, emojis, templates, music and much much more!

When ever I show this app at my workshop – it’s the one that has the BIGGEST WOWOWOWOWOWWWWWWWWW!!! factor!

The only challenge is that this app is for you Apple users only. There’s not an equivalent on Google Play store, that I’ve found, yet. If you find one – write it in the comments below 😀

This app lets create square videos for your social content on the go and on the fly. It’s the best app that I’ve used and my clients have used for their video and subtitled content!

Sooz Tip – Always check your LIVE titles after you have recorded them. It’s really simple to do. Click on the bottom left image (this is your current project and last recording). This takes you in the ‘Edit’ mode, where you can edit the speech on the video, add emoji’s, graphics, music and more!

Veme.ly logo

Veme.ly is an iOS app that allows you to create viral videos in minutes!

It makes it simple to upload your videos directly from your camera roll, choose a template, auto generate you subtitles, choose your colouring and font style then export directly onto your social platform of choice.

This app costs $9.99 a month in the US and £9.49 a month in the UK for the All access Pass! You do get a 3-day free trial with this. For an annual subscription this reduces down to £6 a month.  Or a one-off credit is £0.99 – 5 credits is £2.99

Sooz Tip – This app is really simple to use – and the easiest that I’ve found. However, test it out first and see if it’s right for you.

Web Based Apps for Square Videos and Captioning

Videowrappr logo


Is a tool that allows you to create eye catching videos that really stop people in their tracks when they’re scrolling their newsfeed or timelines.

You can add headlines, subtitles, keeping it all on brand and your message.

And it’s really cost effective! It’s only $77 for the full product.

Sooz Tip – Check out this software and the people that are already using it. If the leaders in the industry are using it, then you know there’s something in this!