We all know how challenging it can be to create content for our social media.

Researching what to post, creating the images or videos, then finding the time to get the posts onto your different platforms, when all you want to be spending your time doing is working on your business!

I get it, as I feel the same way too!

What I do to make this easier for me, is to schedule 2 hours out of my week, usually on a Sunday, to create and schedule the content for the following week.

When I first started doing this it took, of course, longer than 2 hours. But after a few times getting used to doing it, and being consistent with it, I am able to get a weeks worth created and scheduled in around 2 hours.

That’s 1 piece of social media content per day, on 3 platforms for 4 days – making that 21 pieces of content in 2 hours!!!

So how do I do this?

  • Buffer
  • Buffer Chrome Extension
  • Pablo Chrome Extension

Check out this short video I’ve recorded that shows you exactly how to do this.


What do you use to create and schedule your social media content?