I absolutely amazed by the amount of people that reach out to connect with me on LinkedIn to add me to their network and they don’t even have the basics of their profile in place.

How am I meant to know if they are a useful ‘connection’ with ‘connector’ capabilities if I can’t see from their profile what they do, how they help people, and ways that we can help each other?

How are future potential employers and employees meant to know about you and your skill set – without an up-to-date and stand out profile!


Here’s a few things for you to check on your profile to make sure that it is in TIP TOP condition for when you are making new connections on LinkedIn.

  1. Choose the right profile picture on LinkedIn
  2. Add a Cover photo
  3. Make your headline, more than just your job title
  4. Turn your summary into a story
  5. Use keywords and buzzwords (LinkedIn provide a list of the top keywords in January every year – check Google for these)
  6. List all your relevant skills
  7. Spread the endorsement love
  8. Manage your endorsements proactively (especially as your job roles change)
  9. Share media and collateral – reports, white papers, articles about what your business does
  10. Share relevant content on your feed
  11. Get credit for your thought leadership with Publications and Articles
  12. Request recommendations (asking colleagues for credibility is a great way to improve your profile)
  13. Add comments – do as you would do on other SM platforms, like, share, tag and comment (but keep it in alignment with your business message and morals – no trolling 😉)
  14. Follow relevant leaders in your industry – if you’re not doing this already. List about 10-15 people that are in your industry, and follow them!

Now you know how to keep your profile up-to-date, take these tools and do the same on the other SM platforms that you use for your business