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Making Decisions with Data

September 18, 2024
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
77 Renfrew Street, 4th Floor, Glasgow
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Be confident in Making Decisions with Data

In the fast-paced digital world, data is at the forefront of making informed decisions. Our comprehensive course, “Making Decisions with Data,” is meticulously designed for those who aim to harness the power of data in their professional and personal lives.

Become certified in Data Decision Making

This course offers a deep dive into the realms of data understanding, data analytics, data visualisation, data protection and security, ethical use of data and governance.

Innovation - Design Thinking Process​. Person thinking with cloud of gears and lightbulbs to signify innovation
Design Analytics Fundamentals

Understand the basics of data, its different forms, and its critical role in decision-making, along with essential concepts and infrastructure of data analytics, including overcoming common cognitive biases.

Innovation - Skills Development. People around table conversing about innovation.
Data Visualisation Tools

Learn about the transformative power of data in decision-making and business, gain hands-on experience with leading data visualisation tools, and understand the importance of data quality.

Innovation - Skills Development. People around table conversing about innovation.
Ethical & Legal Aspects

Navigate through the ethical and legal aspects of data handling, focusing on privacy and security, and explore various career paths in the data field, including developing necessary meta-skills.

Who is this course for?
  • Professionals looking to build their problem solving skills.

  • Freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to understand their customer better and solve their problems.

  • Aspiring innovators and recent graduates that are looking to improve on their skills for future work.

What you will learn
1. Introduction to Data

Lesson 1: Course Outline & Hook

  • Understand the course’s purpose and approach to learning about Data and decision making
  • Explore what people in the industry are saying about data analytics

Lesson 2: Data or Decisions

  • Decide what can be data and what isn’t
  • Discuss what are decisions, and learn what scientists think

Lesson 3: Foundations of Data Analytics

  • Understand the core concepts of data analytics and its infrastructure.

Lesson 4: Cognitive Biases in Data

  • Learn about common biases like Availability Bias and WYSIATI, and their impact on data interpretation.

Lesson 5: Case Studies

  • Delve into the benefits of data-driven decisions through engaging case studies.

Lesson 6: Data Terms

  •  Get familiar with key data terminologies including Big Data, Open Data, and Fast Data.

Lesson 7: The benefits of data analytics to an organisation

  • Explore how data analytics can transform business decisions and customer engagement.

Lesson 8: Customer touchpoints & organisational analytics

  • Explore that data collection points from customer interactions
  • Understand the benefits of data analytics and visualisation for businesses

Lesson 9: What makes data good quality?

  • Task to ascertain what data is good quality, and how you decide it is.

Lesson 10: Data Analyst Task

  • Engage with examples and tasks relating to data analytics

Lesson 13: Data Protection & Data Security

  • Explore how data analytics can transform business decisions and customer engagement.

Lesson 14: Ethical & Legal

  • Understand the crucial aspect of data legalities and its ethical use.

Lesson 15: Data visualisation outline

  • Learn the essentials of data visualisation techniques and tools.
  • Explore what descriptive analytics are.

Lesson 16: Data visualisation in practise

  • Gain hands-on experience with leading data visualisation tools such as Looker Studio.

Lesson 17: Essential Skills

  • Identify key skills required for success in AI & Automation and the digital economy.
  • Emphasise the importance of adaptability, lifelong learning, and self-reflection.

Lesson 18: Careers

  • Explore various career paths related to AI & Automation, including robotics engineer, business intelligence developer and Deep Learning roles.

Lesson 12: Course Recap and Reflection

  • Reflect on the key learnings and personal growth achieved through the course.
  • Provide feedback to enhance the course for future learners.

Lesson 13: Final Thoughts and Thank You

  • Summarise the course experience and appreciate the journey of learning.
  • Encourage continuous learning and application of the skills acquired.

The course concludes with a comprehensive test, evaluating the understanding and application of concepts taught.

Earn your Making Decisions with Data certificate

Once you’ve completed the course, get your certificate that sets you apart from the competition and opens doors to exciting career opportunities.

Making Decisions With Data Security - Certificate Image
What our learners say

This course is perfect for professionals seeking to integrate data-driven decision-making into their work, students aiming to build a career in data, or anyone curious about harnessing the potential of data in their daily life.

This course is suitable for a wide range of individuals across a range of industries as the content is applicable for all.

By the end of this course, participants will have developed a robust foundation in making effective, data-driven decisions.

They will be adept at interpreting and managing data, understanding its critical role in various decision-making contexts from everyday life to complex business environments.

Attendees will gain practical skills in data analytics, enabling them to uncover insights effectively and avoid common interpretative errors.

They will become proficient in using advanced data visualisation tools, ensuring they can communicate findings compellingly and clearly.

Participants will also navigate the ethical considerations and security measures necessary for responsible data use.

They will explore the landscape of data-driven careers, understanding the required skills and opportunities available.

This course equips learners with both the theoretical frameworks and practical tools needed to leverage data confidently in decision-making processes, preparing them to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s data-centric world.

  • World-class training sessions from experienced instructors
  • CPD accreditation and certificate
  • Digital delegate pack
  • Support to get into a career
  • Access to our free resources site
  • Followup support on topic for 2 years post course completion

There are no formal prerequisites required for the Innovation Training Course. However below are essential for the learning environment. 

  • The learners must have a device that they can access the online session with, either a mobile phone, tablet or computer. 
  • Learners must be confident using a mouse and keyboard. 
  • Sessions will be delivered in English. 
  • Sessions will be delivered using the latest version of softwares. 
  • Learners’ technology should be up to date and charged.
  • And of course – willingness to learn!


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Clockwise Glasgow, 77 Renfrew Street, 4th Floor
Glasgow, G2 3BZ United Kingdom

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