Being an iPhone user for a long time now, I’m become accustomed to making the most out of my device and searching the App Store for the best photography apps I can find.

Although, I always come back to using the same ones!

Here’s a list of my top 5 photography apps for the iPhone.

Note: Some of these apps are also available for other smart devices.

1.    Camera+ ~ the ultimate photo app

I would agree with Camera+ tagline – ‘the ultimate photo app’. I have a photography client that uses this app to edit and manage his professional fashion photographs for high end magazines and I can completely understand why.

At such a low cost for an app that does so much, it’s no wonder that it sold over 10 million! It works on an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. This app is designed to equip you with pro-like features of professional software that are easy to use. Your photos and videos will look well designed an professional with just a few taps on your device.

It has so many features that I can’t possibly describe each one in detail. It’s recent update includes saving RAW photos when you shoot with Camera+, either kept together or separate from the JPEG. I love that I can not only take photos with the app, but edit existing photos in my camera roll.

The beautiful interface makes it really easy to navigate and to use. It has great control over images with focus, macro and far modes. You can also lock your photos to limit access to others on a shared device. And the direct share options to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and more, make it easy for you to share your masterpieces with the world.

My favourite features are the editing features that this app has. There are so many options to choose from. It includes adjustments like saturation, contrast, exposure etc when editing the photos. I absolutely love playing with the filters. I tend to add a filter then play with the clarity after.

There are many possibilities with this app and at £2.99 on the App Store it’s a steal!

2.  Snapseed

Snapseed was originally an app only for Apple devices, until  the Google takeover in December 2012 it was released for Andriod and discontinued on a desktop.

Snapseed uses gestures to select different effects and enhancements, which gives more options from the ‘automatic’ adjustments of contrast and colour. I like that it saves the editing history and saves filter combinations.

Some features are Drama, Grunge, Vintage, Centre-focus, and Frames. My favourite is the Tilt-shift, which resizes photos.

In Snapseed 2.0, it introduced new filters such as lens blur, HDR scape and noir, glamour glow and a better tools section.

All this with easy access to share to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Snapseed is designed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and is Free on the App Store.

3.   Tangent – Photos. Reimagined

That’s exactly what this app lets you do, reimagine your existing photos. It allows you to easily transform your photos into works of art.

It has 35 easy to use styles, 70 unique and versatile shapes and 68 patterns and fills that can be overlaid on your photos. There are over 350 stunning combinations of different blends and colours. All done by dragging, zooming and rotating at will. The coolest part is to colour your creations by blending the designs and different modes.

With Tangent, it’s all about discovery. Tap, zoom, drag, undo and redo. It’s an app to play with. Share your designs instantly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Tangent is £1.99 on the App Store.

4.  Over

Over is an app that lets you add text and images to your existing photos. It offers features like; designing a greeting card, promote an event, layout a business card to making memes.

It has over 280 fonts, 0ver 910 illustrations and adds more content all the time. You can use your own photos to edit, or you can use one from Unspash or Pixabay.

I like the feature ‘Colour Sampler” as it allows you to easily match your colour from any pixel on your canvas.

Over is free on the App Store.

5.  Aviary

Aviary is a simple and fun way to make beautiful photos. There are multiple filters, stickers and frames to make your photos really stand out.

With over 100 filters, there are many ways to change your photos. It combines vintage and other stylised filters with a range of conventional image-editing colour correction tools. You can touch up your family, pet or selfies with features like teeth whitening and blemish removal.

Photos can be shared instantly to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Aviary is free on the App Store.


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