Digital Skills Training in Partnership with Facebook


In January 2018, Facebook partnered with Freeformers to train 120,000 18-30 year olds across Europe under the Facebook banner. A fantastic initiative enabling people to develop the confidence and the skills they need for future employment in a digital economy.

Technology Coaching was invited to join the programme in May 2019, as they were looking for company to partner with to facilitate the training to people across Scotland.

Why is digital skills training important?


In Freeformers report: According to the European Commission, 40% of companies across Europe are now experiencing skills shortages. Additionally, only 57% of European university and school leavers are confident that their education has armed them with the right skills for their future careers. I was brought in to develop the strategy, proposition, brand , marketing content and lead all of the recruitment.



To deliver training to 3000 people across Scotland by the end of 2019. Focusing on groups; 18-30 year olds, mothers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, members from the BAME community, return to workers, and people with neurodiversity. Proving training to people, ‘that usually wouldn’t get this type of training’, or opportunity to upskill.


The Approach


We reached out to the businesses in our current network, contacted the colleges and universities across Scotland and spoke with other companies and instituations where we thought the training would benefit their community.

We arranged to come to their locations to facilitate the training. 

We marketed our events directly with the business, and used Eventbrite for our marketing and ticketing.

We hired 5 digital skills trainers to travel across Scotland to deliver. 

In 7 months, we trained 3000 people across Scotland giving them a Digital Skills certification.

Feedback from Learners

We received thousands of feedback from our attendees. Here’s some of the highlights:


  • I have learned some great new information on different web sites and how to start a business
  • Good workshop and very interesting. Have learned new ways to further myself
  • The trainer encouraged good communication and got the groups communicating well and taking part together. Good job!
  • Great, interesting event with relevant information I can take on board throughout my college life and career in the future.
  • Great workshop. Very friendly and inclusive environment. Highly recommend.
  • Very informative with great practical information that i will be able to apply to my future endeavors!
  • Thoroughly enjoyed both sessions. My attention and concentration was held throughout and the technique of group activities, quiz as games makes it more interesting.
  • I really enjoyed the session and that it was organised well. The people in charge were encouraging, friendly and created a warm environment for sharing ideas.

Feedback from Facebook


On completion of the project, we received a letter from Freeformers and Facebook thanking us for our contribution to the programme. Read the details below.


TC - Facebook Digital Skills Training Feedback