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In the wake of COVID-19, NHS Lothian faced the critical challenge of supporting the digital recovery and enhancing the digital skills of its staff.

Recognising our expertise in digital training, NHS Lothian engaged us, Technology Coaching, to deliver seven sessions as part of their Digital Festival.

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Why Digital Skills for Healthcare?

Our previous success in delivering digital skills training to some NHS Lothian staff highlighted our effective teaching style and alignment with healthcare professionals’ needs.

The positive feedback from these sessions underscored the demand for further tailored digital education within NHS settings.

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Our objective was clear: to conduct seven digital skills sessions over three weeks, covering Social Media Marketing, Cyber Security, Data-Driven Decision Making, and Innovation.

These sessions were designed to foster teamwork and collaboration, improving the working environment and operational efficiency across various departments.

All sessions were delivered online.

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Our approach to Digital Skills

In collaboration with the NHS Lothian Workforce Development team, we carefully selected and scheduled courses that best met the needs of staff across multiple departments.

We coordinated the necessary technology requirements and created an effective online learning environment for live session delivery.

Using Eventbrite, we managed registrations and communications, providing private links for department heads to distribute among staff.

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Sessions Delivered


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Feedback and Continuous Engagement

The sessions were well-received, with participants appreciating the interactive and practical approach. The training not only enhanced digital skills but also promoted greater teamwork and collaboration among staff members.

Next Steps

Building on this success, Technology Coaching is exploring further initiatives to expand digital literacy, ensuring that Scotland remains competitive in the digital era. 

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