Why us?

A Digital Mindset

At Technology Coaching, we’re not just about imparting digital skills; we’re about cultivating a comprehensive digital mindset.

Our unique approach intertwines six core digital skills with essential soft skills, setting a new standard in technology coaching. 

1. Innovation
2. Web Presence
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Cyber Security
5. AI & Automation
6. Making Decisions with Data


is a cornerstone of the digital mindset. We focus on nurturing a mentality that doesn't just understand innovation, but lives it. Challenging traditional boundaries and reimagining possibilities, this mindset is about pioneering change and driving technological progress.

Web Presence

In the digital world, a commanding web presence is critical. We emphasise developing a mindset that understands the power of an online identity. It’s about strategically managing and leveraging your digital footprint to establish a dominant and influential online presence.

Social Media Marketing


Integral to the digital mindset is a deep understanding of social media marketing. It's not just about using platforms; it's about engaging with audiences effectively, building vibrant communities, and transforming social interactions into powerful brand advocacy.

Cyber Security

is a vital aspect of a digital mindset. We focus on cultivating a mindset that is always aware of online security, understands the threats, and proactively protects digital assets. It's about maintaining vigilance and resilience in the digital space.

AI & Automation

Understanding AI and automation is essential. We foster a mindset that embraces these technologies, seeing them as tools for enhancing productivity and innovation. It’s about staying ahead in the tech curve, constantly adapting and integrating new technologies.

Making Decisions with Data

is pivotal in today's digital landscape. Our approach instills a mindset that values data as a key resource, turning information into strategy and insight. It’s about leveraging data for smart, impactful decision-making.

Embedding Essential Skills
with Engaging Methods

What truly sets us apart is how we embed essential skills throughout our training sessions.

We believe in learning by doing. Our interactive and engaging learning experiences, coupled with gamified elements, ensure that our courses are not just informative but also immensely enjoyable.

This hands-on approach means that learners actively apply what they’ve learned in collaborative group settings, stimulating conversation, and fostering a deeper understanding of the material.

Cultivating a Collaborative Career Culture

Our interactive learning experiences are uniquely designed to bring together individuals at all career stages, backgrounds and diversities.

Let’s face it, having team that doesn’t communicate means a team that doesn’t succeed.

By improving communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills, we create an environment where shared knowledge leads to collective growth.

We’re your partners in crafting a future-ready workforce, equipped with a robust digital mindset.

It’s not just about the skills you gain; it’s about the transformative journey we take together.

Join us, and let’s shape the digital future.

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Clients we have helped

We’re proud to have partnered with leading companies across various industries. Our collaborations reflect our commitment to providing top-notch experiences. Discover more about the Technology Coaching experience in our Case Studies or Contact Us to explore how we can help your business and your people succeed in a digital world.

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NHS Lothian

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