Impact We've Made

Explore the Reach and Effectiveness of Our Programs

Welcome to our interactive dashboard!

At Technology Coaching, we believe in transparency and measurable impact.

This page is designed to showcase the extensive reach and profound influence our sessions and courses have across diverse demographics and locations.

Through engaging visuals and real-time data, you can explore:

  • Total Attendees Per City: See how our community grows in different regions.
  • Session Formats: Dive into the data showing the balance between our online and in-person engagements.
  • Types of Sessions: Understand the variety of learning experiences we offer, from workshops to intensive courses.
  • Geographic Spread: Visualise the map of our attendees’ locations to grasp our global footprint.
  • Customisable Filters: Tailor the data to see what matters most to you, whether it’s by session type or specific sessions.


This dashboard isn’t just a display of numbers—it’s a reflection of the stories, progress, and connections fostered through our commitment to digital education.

Each data point represents a step forward in someone’s personal or professional growth, thanks to the dedicated work of our team and the enthusiastic participation of learners like you.

Discover the difference we’re making, one session at a time.

Get inspired by the tangible impacts of our collective digital learning journey.