AI & Automation

Embark on an insightful journey into the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

This course equips you with the foundational knowledge, practical skills, expert prompting with Chat GPT and ethical considerations necessary to navigate and harness the power of AI in today’s technology-driven world.

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Become certified in AI & Automation

This course is designed to immerse learners in the world of innovation and design thinking. It’s crafted for individuals who aspire to understand and apply innovative processes in various professional contexts.

Be confident in AI & Automation

AI & Automation - Practical AI knowledge

Practical AI knowledge

Gain an understanding of AI’s practical applications in various domains, including virtual assistants and algorithms.

AI & Automation - Learn ChatGPT

Learn ChatGPT

Learn to master conversational AI platforms like Chat GPT, equipping you with the ability to interact with and leverage AI technologies for enhanced communication and automation in professional settings.

AI & Automation - Automate with ease

Automate with ease

Discover automation tools to automate processes and systems in your professional and personal life.

Who is the course for?

What you will learn

1. Introduction to AI

Lesson 1: Course Outline & Hook

  • Understand the course’s purpose and approach to learning about AI & Automation
  • Gain a foundational understanding of cyber security principles and practices.

Lesson 2: Myths

  • Understand and debunk common myths about Artificial Intelligence.

Lesson 3: AI in the past and current use cases

  • Identify real-world use cases of AI, using examples like Alexa and AI in social media.


Lesson 4: General AI in the media 

  • Recognise the difference between General AI and specific AI applications through interactive media like movies and short films

Lesson 5: Teaching a machine

  • Learn how to teach a machine using Google Teachable Machine


Lesson 6: Are you smarter than AI?

  • Play with AI tools to test who is smarter
  • Interact with Google Lens and how its’ AI can have impact on your day to day usage of Google

Lesson 7: AI & Social Media

  • Learn how Meta uses enhanced AI facial recognition
  • Look at examples of how content is created using AI


Lesson 8: AI Image & Video Generators

  • Explore different AI image and video generators to create content

Lesson 9: When AI goes wrong!

  • Analyse limitations and ethical concerns of AI through examples like Alexa malfunctions and biased algorithms.
  • Explore humanoid robots and general AI 


Lesson 10: AI Avatar & Learning Tools

  • Explore the concept of AI bias and its real-world implications.
  • Investigate the realm of deepfakes and the importance of AI in learning and development.
  •  Discuss ways we can help AI to get better.

Lesson 11: Learn about Chat GPT

  • Define Chat GPT and its functionalities.
  • Discuss practical applications of Chat GPT in business settings.
  • Recognise the limitations and potential drawbacks of using Chat GPT, and remember key points to get the best results.


Lesson 12: Prompting with Chat GPT

  • Describe different types of prompts and their uses in interacting with Chat GPT.
  • Practice crafting prompts ranging from basic to expert level to effectively communicate with Chat GPT.
  • Learn best practices for interacting with evolving AI technologies like Chat GPT.

Lesson 13: What is an algorithm?

  • Define an algorithm and understand its basic constructs.
  • Complete tasks that involve creating and understanding simple algorithms.

Lesson 14: AI vs. Automation

  • Distinguish between AI and automation, with reference to platforms like Google Deepmind.
  • Reflect on the implications of AI and automation in various industries.

Lesson 15: Explore ways to implement Automation

  • Utilise automation in practical tasks and explore its applications in job searching.
  • Assess the role of automation in the modern job market and its potential to transform job searching practices.

Lesson 16: AI Ethics & Governance

  • Discuss the ethics of implementing AI 
  • Explore the governance around AI

Lesson 17: Essential Skills

  • Identify key skills required for success in AI & Automation and the digital economy.
  • Emphasise the importance of adaptability, lifelong learning, and self-reflection.

Lesson 18: Careers

  • Explore various career paths related to AI & Automation, including robotics engineer, business intelligence developer and Deep Learning roles.

Lesson 12: Course Recap and Reflection

  • Reflect on the key learnings and personal growth achieved through the course.
  • Provide feedback to enhance the course for future learners.

Lesson 13: Final Thoughts and Thank You

  • Summarise the course experience and appreciate the journey of learning.
  • Encourage continuous learning and application of the skills acquired.

The course concludes with a comprehensive test, evaluating the understanding and application of concepts taught.

Earn your AI & Automation certificate

Once you’ve completed the course, get your certificate that sets you apart from the competition and opens doors to exciting career opportunities.

What our learners say

FAQ - What you need to know

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, an aspiring AI specialist, or a seasoned professional, this course offers valuable insights into Artificial Intelligence.

Suitable for a diverse audience, it covers AI’s evolution, applications, and ethical considerations.

This training is ideal for students, educators, tech enthusiasts, and business leaders eager to leverage AI in various industries, enhancing their professional and personal growth in the digital age.

By the end of this course, participants will have mastered the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, from its historical context to its modern applications.

They will understand the distinctions between AI myths and realities, become skilled in engaging with AI through tools like Chat GPT, and adept in recognising AI’s limitations and ethical considerations.

Learners will gain practical experience in utilising AI technologies such as facial recognition, AI-driven social media tools, and automation for everyday tasks. They will also enhance their skills in AI prompting and learn to craft effective communication strategies for interacting with AI systems.

This course equips participants with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills, preparing them to leverage AI effectively and ethically in their personal and professional environments.

  • World-class training sessions from experienced instructors
  • CPD accreditation and certificate
  • Digital delegate pack
  • Support to get into a career
  • Access to our free resources site
  • Followup support on topic for 2 years post course completion

There are no formal prerequisites required for the AI & Automation Training Course. However below are essential for the learning environment. 

  • The learners must have a device that they can access the online session with, either a mobile phone, tablet or computer. 
  • Learners must be confident using a mouse and keyboard. 
  • Sessions will be delivered in English. 
  • Sessions will be delivered using the latest version of softwares. 
  • Learners’ technology should be up to date and charged.
  • And of course – willingness to learn!
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AI & Automation Certificate

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