Academy9: Fostering Future STEM Careers​

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Academy9 is a forward-thinking educational initiative by Transport Scotland, associated with the A9 Dualling programme with the goal of fostering future STEM careers. This project involves a collaborative effort with schools, communities, industry, and educational professionals to cultivate a legacy of STEM skills, inspiring future generations to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The Challenge

The key challenge was to extend the reach and impact of Academy9 events through digital means, thereby engaging a broader audience and enhancing the accessibility of STEM education.

Our partnership began in early 2019, when we were approached by our former collaborator, KeepLearning, to support the digitalisation of Academy9’s offerings.

Our Contribution to Fostering STEM Careers

Over four years, Technology Coaching collaborated with the Academy9 team to develop and implement multiple digital projects, enhancing the program’s online presence and educational reach.

Below are highlights of some of the projects we worked on:

Online Learning Platform - Academy9Online

We developed a comprehensive platform that enabled learners from various consultancies and schools to access mandatory training materials, with capabilities to track completion across disparate systems.

Academy9 Online Website Image

Next Steps Online

To overcome the logistical challenges of in-person conferences, we digitised the “Next Steps” conference, which is crucial for preparing students in S4 to S6 for life after school.

The conference was adapted to an online format hosted on the learning platform, ensuring continued accessibility and engagement.

Website Update

Recognising the need for an updated digital platform, we revamped the Academy9 website, which is hosted on Education Scotland’s Glow system.

The update aimed to improve communication and showcase the achievements of the Academy9 program to stakeholders.

Interactive Video Content

To enhance engagement and combat online fatigue during the Next Steps conference, we introduced interactive videos.

These videos included embedded quizzes and interactive elements to gamify the learning experience, making it more engaging for students.



Tailored Digital Solutions


Participants Engaged


Schools & Businesses Impacted

Partners & Collaboration

This project was a collaborative effort with significant input from; Christine Percival from Keep Learning, David Pollock from Transport Scotland, the teams and Educational Consultants at Jacobs, WSP and Atkins Realis.

The flexibility and adaptability of our approach were crucial in meeting the specific needs of the Academy9 audience and stakeholders.

The feedback from partners and participants has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting our flexible approach and the effectiveness of the digital tools and platforms we implemented.

Next Steps for fostering STEM careers

Building on the success of these initiatives, we are exploring additional opportunities to expand our digital offerings to further support and enhance STEM education, helping people into careers in STEM and Digital, in Scotland and beyond.

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