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Digital Productivity for Micro Businesses

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At Technology Coaching, we were tasked with a transformative Digital Skills project in collaboration with the Good Things Foundation and financially supported by JP Morgan.

The Power Up Project was designed to elevate micro businesses and sole traders by bolstering their digital proficiency, particularly focusing on web presence and online sales.

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The Digital Skills Challenge

Originally, the BIPC Glasgow Centre’s delivery program was centered around face-to-face interactions at The Mitchell Library in Glasgow.

However, the onset of COVID-19 necessitated a shift to digital, exposing a significant gap in digital engagement and the ability to connect with customers online. Digital Skills was at the core of these challenges.

The Power Up Project sought to address these challenges by transitioning to an effective online platform and overcoming the lack of access to expert advice and peer support. 

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Digital Skills Goal

Our goal was clear: to empower sole traders and micro-businesses to enhance their productivity through the confident use of digital technologies.

This initiative specifically targeted under-represented groups, including those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds (SIMD 1&2), women, and BAME communities, who were ready to embrace digital tools but faced barriers to entry.

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Execution Strategy

We designed and delivered 10 dynamic online training sessions, focusing on essential digital marketing strategies.

To foster an engaging learning environment, we utilised interactive tools such as polls, breakout rooms, and quizzes.

This approach not only facilitated learning but also encouraged networking and collaborative problem-solving among participants. 

The skills of the audience differed per session however we saw a steady increase of abilities as the sessions moved through the digital journey strategy and at what stage they were at in their online journey.



Sessions Delivered


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Glasgow Businesses Attended


The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive.

Business owners reported significant improvements in their digital operations and a better understanding of maintaining an online presence and enhancing online sales.

Sharing these successes during sessions spurred a community spirit, with more established business owners mentoring newcomers.

Partnership and Collaboration

The project was a collaboration with multiple stakeholders, with Ruth Hunter from the BIPC Glasgow playing a crucial role. Our flexibility in adapting to the needs of the audience and our proactive approach in addressing challenges were particularly appreciated. Our partner, Ruth Hunter, highlighted our ability to swiftly adapt sessions to meet participant needs, our enthusiasm for collaborative problem-solving, and our effective management of the online training environment.

Really enjoyed it!

Main benefit was your flexibility to meet the needs of our audience.

Also your enthusiasm for working with us to solve any challenges/problems that arose - e.g. tweaking the sessions to encourage baseline completion.

Your generosity in sharing information about your contacts to boost engagement.

Plus spending time with our team to ensure that the sessions were set up correctly as well as sharing good practice around running online events.

You are easy and fun to work with, bringing a lot of energy to the project.

Our customers really appreciated, not only the digital skills they developed but your manner of delivery!

Also - fast and efficient - the whole thing ran like clockwork!

Ruth Hunter

Partnership & Digital Engagement Manager Business & IP Centre

Media Recognition and Community Impact

Our efforts were recognised by significant media outlets, noting how Glasgow Life supported over 300 new businesses during the lockdown period.

This visibility underscored the importance and success of the Power Up Project in supporting local economic growth during challenging times.

Next Steps in Digital Skills

Buoyed by the success of this initiative, we are exploring further opportunities to expand our digital training services to support more micro businesses and sole traders in Glasgow and beyond.

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