Digital Skills Training in Partnership with Facebook and Freeformers​

Facebook Digital Skills Training with Technology Coaching


As digital transformation reshapes industries, the demand for skilled workers continues to surge. To bridge this gap, Technology Coaching collaborated with Facebook and Freeformers starting in May 2019, aiming to enhance digital skills, literacy and employability among young adults in Scotland by giving them a certificate from Facebook in Digital Skills.

Digital Literacy: A Key to Future Employment

With 40% of European companies facing skill shortages, the necessity for digital literacy is more pressing than ever.

Insights from the European Commission reveal that a significant portion of school leavers do not feel prepared for the modern workforce, underscoring the urgency of digital education.

Objectives for Digital Skills Training

The goal was ambitious: deliver impactful digital training to 3,000 people across Scotland by year-end (giving us 7 months!), focusing on young adults (18-30 year olds), mothers, entrepreneurs, BAME community members, returnees to the workforce, and individuals with neurodiversity. 

Execution Strategy for Digital Skills Training

Leveraging its extensive network, Technology Coaching engaged with local businesses, educational institutions, and community groups, organising on-site training sessions to reduce barriers to participation. 

This grassroots approach was complemented by digital marketing advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and  managed through platforms like Eventbrite, enhancing outreach and engagement.



Sessions Delivered


Happy Students


Clients Supported


The initiative received widespread acclaim for its practical, hands-on training style. Attendees reported enhanced digital knowledge, essential skills development, boosting their employment prospects, networking opportunities, collaboration, teamwork and confidence in navigating the digital landscape.

Endorsements and Continued Impact

A formal commendation from Facebook and Freeformers highlighted Technology Coaching’s pivotal role in the program’s success.

The initiative has been featured in various media outlets, underscoring its significance and the tangible benefits delivered to participants.

Letter from Facebook to Technology Coaching

Next Steps in Digital Skills

Building on this success, Technology Coaching is exploring further initiatives to expand digital literacy, ensuring that Scotland remains competitive in the digital era. 

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