Digital Skills Courses

Engage, Enhance, and Empower Your Digital Expertise

At Technology Coaching, learning isn’t just about absorbing facts; it’s about creating an immersive experience that transforms your understanding of digital technology.

Our courses are far from standard.

They are adventures into the heart of the digital world.

You’ll not just learn; you’ll perform, engage, and emerge more capable.

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We don't just feed you information. We make you live it!

Through interactive and  engaging group work, you'll grasp 'the why' behind each skill, diving deep into 'the how to'.

It's not about sitting back and watching slides - it's about rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands digitally dirty.

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Our unique approach incorporates gamification, making learning effective and exciting. 

You're not just learning digital skills; you're playing, experimenting, and mastering them. 

Your goal - being able to implement immediately through, practising and conversing.

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Imagine a learning space where every click, every task, and every interaction transforms the way you understand and utilise technology. 

This is what we offer. 

Our courses, both online and in-person, are crafted with precision, ensuring you're equipped and a step ahead in the digital realm.

Digital Skills Courses

Choose from one of our expertly designed courses below, or contact us to understand how we can work with you to create a custom course tailored specifically for your business needs.

Innovation CPD Course Front Image


Learn how to think differently and to come up with your next big idea​

Web Presence CPD Course Front Image

Web Presence

Learn how the web works and how to build your own website​

Social Media Marketing CPD Course Front Image

Social Media Marketing

Learn the four step process for success on social media​

Cyber Security CPD Course Front Image

Cyber Security

Understand the vulnerabilities of the web and how to protect yourself online​

AI & Automation CPD Course Front Image

AI & Automation

Understand fundamental concepts of AI, prompt engingeering and tools for automation​

Making Decisions With Data CPD Course Front Image

Making Decisions with Data

Get the tools to make more effective informed decisions with data​

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